UVM - Drum Twist Stranding Machines

for laying up of power cables, telephone cables, screening and armouring.

Area of Applications

The Installation

Drum twist strander with stationary or rotating pay-offs, used as armouring machine with screening and armouring wire pay-offs, stranding unit with automatic sector position correction, rotating belt type or chain type caterpillar haul-off, rotating take-up - electrical system with plc- or pc- control


For all existing drums, i.e. 800 - 4000 mm flange diameter, as well as special sizes on request

Specification Variations

Performance Parameters

Maximum input weights up to 400 kN, maximum speed dependent upon drum size and material up to 200 rpm (up to 120 rpm by round or sector cable stranding depending on drum dimension)


production of round cables
rotating caterpillar haul-off
rotating take-up stand
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